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Pros: Lightweight steel construction, Rechargeable Battery, Speeds up to 9 mph, Variable speed high torque chain driven motor, Hand operated rear disc brakes, Thumb trigger acceleration control, Padded Bucket Seat with shoulder strap, 8” knobby pneumatic tires and terrain following rear suspension, Battery Charger included, Product comes fully assembled
Cons: A twelve hour charge time and an eighteen hour initial charge time


Product Description – Razor Dune Buggy

Razor’s Dune Buggy is an electric go-kart for children ages 8 and up. It features a sturdy steel construction that should handle years of play. A padded bucket seat means the rider can ride around comfortably. Razor Dune Buggy lasts up to forty minutes of continuous use on a full charge. If it does run out of power before storing it product is light enough for an adult to carry. Acceleration for the vehicle is controlled by a thumb trigger so when the rider presses down hard the vehicle will go fast and a lighter press will have an opposite effect which should be simple enough for any child to understand.

The Razor Dune Buggy’s hand brake can be hard for children under the recommended age to squeeze just something to keep in mind for younger children. Flat terrain will be handled with ease but it is advised not to be used on overly bumpy, wet, icy, or muddy terrain. The Dune Buggy’s included flag is black and has Razor’s logo on it but you may want to purchase an orange flag for visibility purposes.

The product comes fully assembled but needs to be charged before the first use. The Batteries have an eighteen hour initial charge time if given as a gift at a birthday it wouldn’t be a bad idea to charge the batteries the day before the party.

The Tires for the Dune Buggy are inflated before shipping but they will lose some pressure between the point of manufacturing and their arrival at your home using a bicycle style tire pump equipped for a Schrader-type valve, inflate tires to the PSI indicated on the sidewall of tires before use. It does not come with a tire pump. The average review of this product is positive with most people praising it for being an amazingly fun little kart. Negative reviews seem to be about two things defective parts which can not be helped.

The other thing that caused people to have a negative opinion was buying it for someone who is too old or too large to ride Razor’s Dune Buggy.

If you’re considering purchasing this for someone over twelve years old I would not recommend this product. For anyone under that age it appears to be a fun little vehicle that will provide your children with hours of fun.

Product Details

NameDune Buggy
Item Model Number25143511
Manufacturer Part Number25143511
(Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price)
Kart TypeElectric Go Kart
Power350 W
Battery24V (2x12V)
Run Time40 Minutes
Top Speed9 Mph
Recommended Minimum Age8+ Years
Weight65 Pounds
Maximum Driver Weight120 Pounds
Dimension41” x 26.5 “ x 17.5”
UseRoad (no public streets)
Warranty3 Month
Safety Features:Speed Governor, Shoulder Harness