MXR Electric 350 Watt

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Pros: Long lasting battery and extra high roll cage for extra safety. High-grade rear disk brakes, super grip steering wheel, wide ergonomic seat, and speed limiter. Wheel kits and waist safety belts are available for off-road and rough terrain exploration.
Cons: Maximum driver weight 80 pounds. Wheels and suspension needs to be tightening more often.


Product Description – MXR Electric 350 Watt

MXR Electric 350 Watt

MXR Electric 350 Watt

It is sometimes difficult to find a go-kart model that is appropriately-safe for very young speed enthusiasts. The MXR Electric 350 Watt racer produced by Yamaha and Suzuki is the ideal kart for kids under four feet tall who want to start training in a moderately powerful machine.

EK350 is a “pint sized” knock-off of some very popular intermediate karts that have formal racing potential. The cage surrounding the seat area is a dynamic diamond shape that is built for extra safety during roll-overs. Most of the weight is carried in the front of the chassis and driver’s area, so flips resting on the top are virtually impossible.

The direct MSRP of the EK350 is $699.95, and worth every penny! Several online and middleman sources are offering this model for up to 50% off of the MSRP simply because the popularity of this kart has created and overstock nationwide. Next generation models are being released, but the advantages for tiny racers is unmatched with this kart.

Internet and buyer sources indicate a 4 out of 5 star rating for the MXR Electric 350. The wide frame and high-strung electric engine suggests a perfect fit for a muddy race track. The cage and overall light vehicle weight is more appropriate for sand and all-terrain racing. In essence, this model racer can be considered a hybrid between traditional go-karts and dune buggy styles. It’s best to let the eager young racer decide where he or she wants to drive it. Wheel and tread conversion is absolutely a cinch for any terrain.

Though the MXR Electric 350 replicates the feel of a more powerful kart for early training purposes, the power is never out-of-control. It is high-strung, but well within the expected realm of a 12/24 Volt battery pack and 350 Watts of output. There is no fuel-born inconsistency in acceleration or torque; only a consistent achievable top speed of 5, count em’, 5 MPH. On amateur tracks, a fledgling kart racer can hone control and turn negotiation skills with ample thrill at this steady speed.

A full charge of the battery pack on the EK350 will produce a minimum three hours of full acceleration for the kart’s approximate 60 pounds of mass. It measures only 47 inches in length and 27 inches in width, but produces enough excitement and handling challenge that it is only recommended for racers who are eight years old or older and who are under 80 pounds in body weight. The ground clearance of this training go-kart hybrid is only 2.5 inches. The electric power can move a relatively heavy weight, especially during initial take-off, but prime performance is achieved with medium driver weight.

Outstanding features of the EK350 include and extra high roll cage, choice of designs in red, pink and green, high-grade rear disk brakes, super grip steering wheel, wide ergonomic seat, and speed limiter. Best performance is achieved on even and graded tracks, but wheel kits and waist safety belts are available for off-road and rough terrain exploration.

High marks are given to this kids model kart for power and control balanced by extra construction on the safety cage. The color choices make it attractive for both boys and girls, and the electric components pose no risk to the driver. For an early stage training kart, the EK350 is absolutely reasonably priced. The extra features like the charger, heavy-duty suspension and company tech support are a plus.

Few aspects of the EK350 are worth noting as needing improvement. Before each ride, it is obvious that the cage, wheels and suspension need tightening. This is common for all go-karts, but for this level of racer, the maintenance is a bit taxing. The manufacture recommendation is for kids who are eight years or older, but modern kids seem to grow fast. Six is probably the more appropriate age for body size and skill level.

Product Details

NameMXR Electric 350 Watt
Item Model Number25143511
Manufacturer Part Number25143511
(Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price)
Kart TypeElectric Go Kart
Power350 W
Battery36V (3x12V Batteries)
Run Time180 Minutes
Top Speed5 Mph
Recommended Minimum Age6+ Years
Weight60 Pounds
Maximum Driver Weight80 Pounds
Dimension47” x 27 “ x 15”
Warranty3 Month
ColorsGreen, Pink, and Red.
Safety Features:Seat Belts, Speed Governor