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Pros: This cart is well-suited for a parent-child project that can be assembled in a few hours (the manufacturer instructions list a 180-minute assembly time). It is not a gasoline- or electrically-propelled cart and requires no fuel and only basic maintenance. Assembling the cart requires minimal sawing and drilling/screwing that can be parent-guided, and is a perfect introduction to these skills for children who have already mastered simpler skills such as measuring, gluing, and hammering. The kit includes all of the necessary hardware for construction. The cart, once assembled, can be creatively painted to the child's wishes. The cart is also a large enough kit that it could be used as a group project.
Cons: This kit is a level-2 kit and requires the builder to have some knowledge of basic woodworking to assemble. The kit will require at least a hand drill, sandpaper, and a hand saw. Once completed, the cart will require a storage area when not in use. The cart is not gas, electric, or pedal powered and will best be used on a gentle hill or with another child pushing. The wheels are not suited for off-road use and will work best only on smooth pavement or hard-packed dirt. The cart does not come equipped with a seat belt of any kind, and riders should probably wear a helmet when operating.

Product Description – Red Toolbox Go Cart

The Red ToolBox Go Cart is a wooden go cart, product number K016 from Red Toolbox. The level-two (intermediate) kit comes unassembled with instructions and should be put together by a child with basic skills (measuring, gluing, hammering) under the supervision and assistance of an adult who can help with sawing and drilling. All of the necessary hardware, including the screws, washers, and fasteners are included.

The wood is unfinished that can be sanded and painted after construction. The Red Toolbox Go Cart itself sits about six inches off from the ground and consists of a wooden seat with a seat back, a wooden center rod, two axles (one fixed, rear, and one rotating, front) and four small wheels. The cart is steered with a rope reign attached to the front axle and is propelled by rolling or pushing. There is a friction hand-brake on the left of the cart that when pulled drags onto the ground to slow the cart.

The Red ToolBox Go Cart is suitable for a child at least 8 years old who has some woodworking experience already and is capable of handling the finished cart. The supervising adult should be able to follow the instructions and assist the child in completing the project using the necessary skills and tools required.

Product Details

NameGo Cart
ManufacturerRed Toolbox
Item Model NumberK106
Manufacturer Part NumberN/A
(Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price)
Kart TypePushl Go Kart
Recommended Minimum Age8+ Years

Weight19,8 Pounds shipping weight
Maximum Driver WeightN/A
Dimension34.6" long x 19.7" wide x 17.7" high
UseRoad, hard dirt or paved
Warranty30 days from US supplier Reeves International
Colorsunpainted wood
Safety Features:friction hand-brake
FeaturesFour wheels, seat, reign steering, friction hand-brake