Kettler Kiddi-O Sport Kid Racer Pedal Car

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Pros: Very durable racer pedal kart with high carbon steel frame. It includes three position high-back racing seat . The kart comes with a sporty steering wheel and includes Lo-Pro wheels with real rubber tread. This kid racer pedal kart includes excellent safety features: rear wheel, hand brake, and fully enclosed chain guard It fits perfect for young kids of age 5 to 9. Super fun to ride on the beach
Cons: The kart doesn’t work great on the grass and the frame, sometimes, bends easily with excess pressure. It runs very fast upon pedaling.


Product Description – Kiddi-O Sport Kid Racer Pedal Car

Take some time to see and explore this unique racer car for kids. This Kettler Kiddi-O Sport Kid Racer Pedal Car is a perfect gift option for children of 5-9 age groups. Kettler is a famous manufacturer. The products from this company are versatile, safe, fun, and durable. Kettler has always topped the list of toy car companies with its ultra durable features and functionality. After all, this company has made its name as a popular kid’s bicycle manufacturer.

In recent years, this company has made a point to invest in developing various juvenile models in order to reduce bike related risks. In their recent models, they have used improved lighting, braking system, hub dynamos, and optimized geometry. This latest model of sports kid racer pedal car includes a high carbon steel frame.

The car frame is painted with a fade resistant powder coat. Even after years of usage, the steel frame will not fade. For the safety of your kid, this metal pedal car includes real rubber thread, chain guard, high-back racing seat, and coasting shifter. The dual rear wheel and hand brake also improves the safety feature of this car. For those unaware of the coastal shifter, it is the pedals of the car connected by a chain to the rear wheels. That means when the user moves his feet, he doesn’t feel the push as the motion will be transferred easily through this connected chain.

Even when the user stops pedaling, the pedals often go round. This will keep the pedals rolling even while you are going down a hill or a rugged terrain where you don’t need pedaling. With the coastal shifter feature, you can just pull the lever and disconnect the pedals from the drive wheels. As a result, your bike pedals will stay in a stationary position even when you go down the hill. This is certainly one great feature of this new bike for kids.

The Kettler Kiddi-O Sport Kid Racer Pedal Car works great on manmade and hard surface. The manufacturer suggests riding this bike on pavements, roads, hard surfaces, and hilly terrain. However, this bike doesn’t work well on grassy surfaces. This is because of the wheel’s frictional motion on hard surfaces. As the bike wheels will not be able to produce equal frictions on grassy surfaces, the bike will not move fast as it does on hard surfaces.

Based on online surveys and researches, this product has received many positive reviews from users. Many of them have emphasized on the safety features of this new model. Parents with young kids who have used this product have given positive comments and reviews. Although there are many other brands in the market that offer similar product at lesser price, buyers will not find the same quality as Kettler provides.

If you are looking for some amazing pedal cars, then check out this product today. Before you grab it, check out for deals and promotional offers online. Many major retailers offer excellent discounted deals on this famous kid’s pedal car from the Kettler brand.

Product Details

NameKiddi-O Sport Kid Racer Pedal Car

Item Model Number9981-590
Manufacturer Part NumberB008BTE6QG
(Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price)
Kart TypePedal Go Kart
Recommended Minimum Age5-9 Years
Weight38 Pounds
Maximum Driver Weight41.9 Pounds
Dimension44 x 23 x 25 inches
UsePavements and road
WarrantyNot mentioned

Colorsorange, pink

Safety Features:dual rear wheel hand brake, fully enclosed chain guard
FeaturesCoasting shifter, Durable Lo-Pro wheels, and high carbon steel frame